15. October 2017
Leather menu and bill holder with hand-marbled paper insert of extreme elegance, for “ La dispensa di San felice del Benaco.”
17. May 2017
Write or draw on notebooks by unique colors. You can find them easily online
21. April 2017
Some of the original product Conti Borbone that you will only find in our shop in Corso Magenta, 31. Photo album, sketchbooks, notebooks
03. April 2017
Approfitta della settimana del Design week e passa in negozio per regalarti un coloratissimo segnalibro in carta marmorizzata. Non ti costa nulla; solo la tua mail per la nostra Newsletter! Ti aspettiamo!
22. March 2017
Not the usual ring-binders in Etro
22. March 2017
Gold engraving on elegant box watch. https://www.contiborbone.com/customized-leather/
09. March 2017
Desktop top Leather , insert leather on desk. https://www.contiborbone.com/leather-inserts-for-desks/ Follow us on your favorite social.
01. March 2017
Leather thesis, battle of Legnano conti borbone
27. February 2017
Leather replacement, hot printing on the desk of the year 1700 https://www.contiborbone.com/leather-inserts-for-desks/
24. February 2017
Guestbook tailored for Jean Blanchaert
Guestbook tailored to the exhibition of our loyal customer Jean Blanchaert.

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