18. February 2018
Conti Borbone binds leather books for publishers wishing to create limited luxury series editions.

15. February 2018
If you want a luxurious guest book that represents you....

09. February 2018
Binding large format presentations

04. February 2018
The new wine list, commissioned by the Cracco Restaurant, is modern and linear. Eighty pages of wonderful wines enclosed in a leather binding with a case of marbled paper signed Conti Borbone.

15. October 2017
Leather menu and bill holder with hand-marbled paper insert of extreme elegance, for “ La dispensa di San felice del Benaco.”

17. May 2017
Write or draw on notebooks by unique colors. You can find them easily online

21. April 2017
Some of the original product Conti Borbone that you will only find in our shop in Corso Magenta, 31. Photo album, sketchbooks, notebooks

22. March 2017
Not the usual ring-binders in Etro

22. March 2017
Gold engraving on elegant box watch. https://www.contiborbone.com/customized-leather/

Leather thesis, battle of Legnano conti borbone

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