14. June 2018
Palazzo Litta Cultura hosts Mappe, a 4-day festival of immersion into the creativity of the territories currently taking the spotlight of worldwide political climate. Conti Borbone contributed by creating a guest book for the event.

30. May 2018
From Conti Borbone you can find refined leather desk pad (also online) that can be personalized with gold engravings and family crests. https://goo.gl/o2Sv1B

23. May 2018
To restore books, it takes a lot of passion and a lot of love. We have both. https://goo.gl/JQLvTQ

18. May 2018
Customization leather gadgets for events and events agency.

13. May 2018
Yesterday in our shop an unexpected visit, a group of very nice Mexicans, visiting the Turin exhibition for the presentation of the book "Redenzione" by the writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II.

11. May 2018
Luxury bindings for prestigious editions, with each book its tailored suit.

07. May 2018
Leather photo albums, completely personalized and finely decorated in our standard 33x33 format. Worldwide shopping

22. April 2018
Luxury leather photo album by Conti Borbone

16. April 2018
Conti Borbone has created an ad hoc signature book for the Milan Linate Air Force Blue leather and a refined white satin make up this very precious guest book.

12. April 2018
Do you have to renew your menus? Conti Borbone always manages to satisfy everyone, even the Crinó family has chosen Conti Borbone. https://goo.gl/3Q5pXH

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