Leather menu for luxury bar and restaurant

Leather menu for luxury bar and restaurant

Leather menu and bill holder with hand-marbled paper insert of extreme elegance, for “ La dispensa di San felice del Benaco.”

Notebooks & sketchbooks

Notebooks & sketchbooks

Write or draw on notebooks by unique colors.

You can find them easily online

Our special products

Our special products

Some of the original product Conti Borbone that you will only find in our shop in Corso Magenta, 31. Photo album, sketchbooks, notebooks 


Regalati un segnalibro

Approfitta della settimana del Design week e passa in negozio per regalarti un coloratissimo segnalibro in carta marmorizzata.

Non ti costa nulla; solo la tua mail per la nostra Newsletter! 

Ti aspettiamo!

Ring-binders in Etro

Ring-binders in Etro

Not the usual ring-binders in Etro

Gold engraving box watch

Gold engraving box watch

Gold engraving on elegant box watch.


Desk top leather

Desk top leather

Desktop top Leather , insert leather on desk.
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Leather Thesis, battle of Legnano

Leather thesis, battle of Legnano.

Leather thesis, battle of Legnano conti borbone

Leather replacement, hot printing on the desk of the year 1700

Leather replacement

Leather replacement, hot printing on the desk of the year 1700


Guestbook tailored for Jean Blanchaert

Guestbook tailored for Jean Blanchaert

Guestbook tailored to the exhibition of our loyal customer Jean Blanchaert.
Guestbook tailored for Jean Blanchaert

Tribute to Cardinal Angelo Scola, by the Jewish Community of Milan.

Tribute to Cardinal Angelo Scola

Tribute to Cardinal Angelo Scola, by the Jewish Community of Milan.

Tribute to Cardinal Angelo Scola, by the Jewish Community of Milan.

Restoration books

Restoration books

Restoration of this beautiful collection backs and reconstruction of the seventh volume.
For information:

restauration collection books conti borbone

Merry Christmas and happy 2017

Merry Christmas and happy 2017

We advise the kind clientele that we will be closed only on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Event for presentation of portal "Wellmade" Foundation Cologni

Tonight at GAM-Galleria d'Arte Moderna, via Palestro 16. Event organized by Cologni Foundation for the presentation of new portal "Wellmade" reserved for arts and crafts.

Conti Borbone to wellmade foundation Cologni

Keep for hand down

Preserve and pass on this distinguished clients of Conti Borbone.

keep for hand down books

Trendy legal journals

Lex, Giustizia Civile, Foro Italiano and generally all bound law journals must identify with the prestige of the study and then have to be precise, tidy and well kept.

But this need not be synonymous with monotony: the color is fashion, care, attention to detail, prestige for your magazines!


trendy legal journals bookbinder conti borbone

Work in progress

Craftsmen at work on a new work of art signed Conti Borbone.

customize leather guestbook Conti Borbone

Gossip. fashion and beauty

Loved by women and not only, the female keeps #cairoeditore informed F its readers on fashion, beauty and timelessness.

Gossip fashion and beauty bookbinder conti borbone

Times change but not forever

Time passes and habits. Once the first thing you did as you get out of the House, was to buy the newspaper, to read the latest calmly before a cappuccino at the bar or on public transport. At the same time, why not collect the inserts that we were offering. 
Now the news you comfortable on the phone and while you eat your breakfast time to comment on Facebook or LinkedIn. The man in the suit with the newspaper is almost out of fashion. But lately I've noticed a return to that custom which now no longer saw a pó, or collect the files and then let them bind.


Bookbinder Conti Borbone

Leather signature book, customizable

Signature books for everyone on contiborbone.com customizable when purchased.

Customize guestbooks

Leather photo album series

Our leather photo album of classic series Harmony and Sforza; customize it to make it a unique and precious gift. Find it on www.contiborbone.com you choose print, and you ship it home.

Leather photo album series

Faux leather book boxes

Faux leather book boxes for our client, master cabinetmaker Luciano Molinari. www.molinariebanista.it

faux boxes books

Small works of art

Print on trinkets so pretty is always a pleasure

gold print on trinkets
Gold print on boxes Conti Borbone
customized trinkets Conti Borbone
leather small boxes gold print

Restoration photo album, war (1918)

Leather album foto restoration, war 1918

Milan Design Week 2016

Milan design week 2016

During the European Days for arts and crafts as well as exposing our products in our store will host the prestigious Tura, company Desing & Furnishing, creator of furniture and impressive furnishings that still represent a unique style.


Suggested Times:

Tuesday 12/14 Thursday / Friday 15th / Saturday, April 16 all day from 8 to 21

Sunday, April 17 from 11 to 19


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5VIEmilano/
Website: http://www.5vie.it/


Faux leather books with colors required by the customer.

An original idea for a piece of furniture that you can find at the Bookbinding Conti Borbone: slide binders of faux books of various sizes in leather, customized to your tastes and needs.
Manufactured on order only. Contact us at info@contiborbone.com or through private messages on Facebook.

Leather faux book conti borbone
Faux books Conti Borbone Italy
Faux book leather by Conti Borbone
Faux leather books
Bookbinder Conti Borbone leather faux book
fake library colors chosen by the customer
Fake books leather italian made

Leather inserts for desks

Care, passion and art: create a desk and turn it into a work of art, with leather and gold print. A masterpiece signed Bookbinding Conti Borbone.

Women's day special

Women's day special
Looking for an original gift idea?


Bookbinding Conti Borbone : offers 3 theme products
 -photo album
 -lined notebook 22x15
 -striped diary 17x12

You can buy them in store or on our online store.


Women's day special present
particular gift for women/s day
Conti Borbone present woman

Extraordinary Concert conducted by Maestro Ennio Morricone

"Extraordinary Concert conducted by Maestro Ennio Morricone" soundtrack of the fabulous party to celebrate 50 years in business entrepreneur Ernesto Pellegrini, former Inter president, who invited 1,300 guests to celebrate with him at La Scala on December 5 last.

To commemorate the event we have been commissioned this photo album, intended precisely to Pellegrini.


Photo Album Ennio Morricone Conti Borbone
Conti Borbone bookbinder for Ennio Morricone
Ennio Morricone extraordinary concert
Bookbinder Conti Borbone leather photo album

Logbook for the yacht Pamela V

Artisans of the binding of rare skill, survivors of a noble and ancient Italian tradition. Incredible and fascinating the process of realization for a wonderful "logbook" created, it should say, .... to perfection!