22. April 2018
Luxury leather photo album by Conti Borbone

16. April 2018
Conti Borbone has created an ad hoc signature book for the Milan Linate Air Force Blue leather and a refined white satin make up this very precious guest book.

12. April 2018
Do you have to renew your menus? Conti Borbone always manages to satisfy everyone, even the Crinó family has chosen Conti Borbone. https://goo.gl/3Q5pXH

02. April 2018
The conservative restoration of the fabric catalogs of the historic company Canclini 1925 Conti Borbone puts everything back to life maintaining the originality of the past. https://goo.gl/HWW8of

15. March 2018
The next time you go to the theater to see the opera, you might come across the beautiful box set "Opera Book" made by Conti Borbone. https://goo.gl/jzRaJQ

08. March 2018
Customize leather desk mat...

05. March 2018
Safely keep an original edition of the 1909 Le Figaro newspaper in an elegant and practical way, to be able to browse through it like the day it was printed.

Thesis in canvas with print
01. March 2018
Sometimes, from the simplicity of a material like the canvas, a result of extreme beauty can be obtained. By Conti Borbone.

25. February 2018
High-quality fashion theses, for girls who have finished fashion school, made of red saffiano leather with personalized logo.

18. February 2018
Conti Borbone binds leather books for publishers wishing to create limited luxury series editions.

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