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11. May 2019
Invited by the Cologni Foundation to the Poldi Pezzoli Museum to illustrate to book enthusiasts a brief smattering of the art of bookbinding.
16. March 2019
Fulfilling the expectations of an artist and architect in their own home is not always easy, but in this case Conti Borbone has hit the mark.

24. February 2019
The simplicity and flexibility of natural leather invite the host to leave a thought on this magnificent guestbook.
18. February 2019
Photo albums with an extra gear; Cover in leather with two-color print. Small Sample of beauty.

11. February 2019
Only by Conti Borbone you can find that work of real craftsmanship that only a brand with almost 150 years of history can give you.
04. February 2019
Conti Borbone satisfies everyone, but everyone. Waste Paper basket with faux leather books and Venice boards.

01. February 2019
Handmade leather bindings for graduation theses and personalized editions. If you seek originality we can always satisfy you.
16. January 2019
Always ready to satisfy every request, hand-painted calfskin pad, embellished with beautyful gold details. Because for us the details are our strengths.

11. January 2019
Always unique and original fabrics that our beloved customers entrust us to get their own personalised photo album.
Officina Milano menu's by Conti Borbone
11. July 2018
Conti Borbone made the Officina leather menus unique like her.

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