Stripe is the fastest way to pay your order via bank transaction. For this payment method no account is needed. The only thing you need is your credit card details to complete your order in seconds. After your payment you will automatically come back to the "Order Complete" page. Stripe is one of the most used payment systems next to PayPal. For more information visit: Stripe.

PayPal is the fastest and most secure way for your payment and does not cost you any extra. For PayPal, an own account is needed. After the checkout, you will get re-directed to the PayPal site to make the payment. You can also use PayPal without an account by using your credit card. After your payment, you will automatically come back to our "Order Complete" page. For more information, visit:

Payment In Advance is a standard EU Bank Transfer to our bank account:

IBAN:  IT37L0200801628000040531827


If you choose this payment method, you have to pay your order in advance to our bank account. It usually takes 2-3 business days to receive the payment. If you want to receive your order earlier, simply send us a screenshot etc. of  your completed transfer.

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